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Common values, common pursuit

Kerry carpet manufacturing Co., people-oriented, respect people's feelings, resulting in a solidarity and harmonious atmosphere of mutual trust in the enterprise, and strengthen the group consciousness, the formation of a strong cohesion and solidarity between enterprise employees. The formation of common values of the common goal and pursuit of the corporate staff as a community of destiny, to work as an important part of the realization of the common goal of the whole enterprise, form a unified whole keep step with. "I Rong Xing factory, factory workers become bad I shame sincere heartfelt feelings," take serious "into practical action of everyone. The company always adhere to the "integrity first" principle, to "better" attitude to provide our customers with cost-effective products.


Strive for better business philosophy

Honesty, customer first, pay attention to quality, first-class service "we are willing to high-quality products, reasonable price, professional service to provide you with international standards, are high-quality high-grade carpet products, and create a warm and elegant living space for you Home Furnishing. Carey's team spirit characterized by loyalty and cooperation, to provide our customers around the world to reach more than standard products and services. Carey always adhere to the "integrity first" principle to "strive for better" attitude to provide our customers with cost-effective products.
Respect:different cultural backgrounds in the work environment.
Loyalty:for our long-term cooperation partners.
Teamwork and fairness:in all business areas.
Flexibility and adaptability:in response to the needs of our customers.
Investment in our employees:constantly equip our most valuable human resources.


Development histor

Kerry carpet manufacturing Co. Ltd. from 2009 from a small factory has dozens of workers, through hard work and difficult business, now the development of up to more than and 300 employees, annual turnover of large-scale professional carpet manufacturer of nearly 1.8 million. Company's products are exported to Europe, the United States, Japan and Southeast asia. With the increasing development of the company scale and domestic consumer demand, the company will try to meet the needs of market development, the use of all kinds of yarn combination, give full play to advantages of the carpet weaving, to further enhance the ability to meet the various needs of customers.