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The introduction of tufted carpet


  Mechanism Tufted carpet is a chemical fiber fabric on the base fabric with a row of needle-mechanical cashmere, the formation of fleece or cut carpet carpet mechanism. Referred to as tufted carpet.


  Tufted carpet originated in the 19th century, Georgia, the United States. Initially because of its appearance as a lawn, so called turf (turf) fabric. From the 1930s to the 1940s, tufted carpet was developed from needle-planting to needle-planting. 50 years and the emergence of jacquard and printed tufted carpet, and gradually spread in Europe and the United States. 60 years, the tufted carpet to chemical fiber as the main raw material, width of 4 ~ 5m, the mechanism of carpet production in the largest and most widely used varieties.

  Processing technology


  Tufted carpet of the main process is:

  1, material preparation, the preheat stereotypes of acrylic fiber woven into the base fabric and a variety of chemical fiber yarn required for planting cashmere.

  2, planting velvet stereotypes, that is, with a row of needle-oriented chemical fiber yarns in the acrylic fiber fabric on the whole row, high-speed to plant velvet, the carpet surface to form a neat and intensive Quanrong or Gerong.

  3, on the back of the blanket coated with synthetic latex or polyester adhesive, and the end of cloth and velvet stick into a solid overall.

  4, finishing process, including the flattening of the flattening machine, blanket printing, blanket paste SBR or polyurethane foam and other plastic backing or jute back to the steam fluffy and finishing blanket and so on.


  Cheap, but less variety.

  Wool yarn, polyester, nylon, polypropylene and other blended yarn, high-grade products with pure wool yarn; the end of the early use of jute fabric, the majority of the use of polypropylene flat yarn woven fabrics, polyester filament woven fabrics or non-woven fabrics .

  Carpets are made from specially woven tufted needles on the base fabric to form the loop, to cut the loops to form plush, and the back of the base fabric to be coated with resin, rubber compound, or terry , To prevent loose hair shedding and pilling, and can improve the dimensional stability of the blanket. In the back of the carpet coated with plastic, but also re-paste a layer of foam backing, and some in the back of the carpet paste the second layer of fabric, said secondary backing, have increased tufted carpet elasticity and durability of the function.

  Products are mainly used as a walkway, indoor ground laying materials.


Square carpet

  Product Introduction

  Square carpet carpet in accordance with the laying of methods and shape specifications to the division of a carpet species, by the Dutch brand Heuga INTEFACE company invented in 1955 and to market. Due to the breakdown of the consumption of the carpet, the consumer demand for carpet products are increasingly diverse. Square carpet can be divided into pattern blanket and full pavement carpet according to usage. The carpet is mainly used for interior decoration and pavement in a certain position, such as craft tapestry, hall carpet, coffee table blanket and door carpet. The main purpose of full carpet blanket and other mechanisms are the same carpet, are laid on the ground to achieve the mute, comfortable, beautiful ground effect. As the laying method is simple and convenient, and compact shape, this carpet in the office, room and other places very popular. Square carpet size is relatively small, usually 50cm * 50cm or 60cm * 60cm, with a large number of flattening to lay the ground, it is also called tile carpet.


  Square carpet with other carpet can not be replaced by the four major characteristics:

First, to Dahua small, easy storage, handling, handling and paving. Square carpet of the mainstream rules for the 50 * 50cm, 20 / box, compared with the full shop carpet,

Picture only for academic exchanges, please do not Pirates of the map, Mr. carpet.

Picture only for academic exchanges, please do not Pirates of the map, Mr. carpet. (2 photos)

Neither the need for professional mechanical loading unloading, but also without the use of a large number of human handling, not to enter the elevator can not commit, it is particularly suitable for the laying of high-rise buildings. Coupled with precision specifications, assembly convenience, can greatly improve the efficiency of pavement.

Second, the small fight big, any combination of patterns, creativity arbitrary. Can be creative, with the intention of the owners or the specific style of the site to re-create the overall visual effects of the carpet, can present a casual, simple, leisurely natural taste, can also be rigorous, rational, Structured space theme, but also choose to highlight the avant-garde, personality and other aesthetic tendencies of the modern style.

Third, anytime, anywhere, on-demand updates, easy maintenance, cleaning, replacement. On the local wear and tear, dirty blocks of the carpet can only be removed by replacing the block or cleaning, completely without the carpet as full as a full replacement, peace of mind and effort and money. This is a convenient feature of removable and removable square carpet for the timely maintenance of the ground under the cable, pipe network equipment provides a convenient.

Fourth, PVC covered with the end of the material has a significant waterproof, moisture-proof special properties, it is particularly applicable to the bottom or underground construction of the pavement. At the same time, the box carpet also has a good flame retardant, antistatic properties and excellent dimensional stability and appearance of retention, so welcomed by all sectors of consumer groups.

Relative to the full shop carpet, carpet tile has the following characteristics:

Transport convenience, low cost.

Square carpet for the sheet, the main specifications are 50x50, 60x60, 90x90, 100x100cm; 50x50cm for the most commonly used specifications, the weight of 3-8kg / square. Owners can solve their own hands handling. And increasingly high in the human cost of today, with a clear quality. And full carpets for the membrane, the specifications are usually 3.6-4.0 m Menfu, 25 meters long, weight 400kg-700kg / volume, if not supporting the Chai and large freight elevators in the handling of the carpet is full of very large; Block carpet with this inherent advantage, so more and more popular. Newly renovated high-rise office buildings and hotels in Hong Kong.

Installation is simple.

Box carpet installation flexibility, mobility and displacement is simple and flexible, easy to remove and replace; box carpet without the end of the pad, the installation only need to be coated with water-based glue, you can construction. If you do not damage the original surface, the use of special double-sided carpet stickers also. Square carpet is more suitable for use in small crowd applications. Due to the simple installation, installation of the carpet is not necessarily a professional box. This is full of carpets can not be compared.

Bottom back

  1.PVC bottom

Features: Material was black, soft, waterproof, not moldy, the carpet is not easy to crack, the most commonly used at the end of the domestic square carpet back one. Some manufacturers in order to save costs, often infiltrated in the PVC powder, stone powder added to the end of the carpet back easily lead to cracking.

  2, asphalt at the end

Asphalt is recyclable materials, environmentally friendly products, high utilization rate in Europe. But in the country, asphalt raw materials for the two basic raw materials or poor chemical products in petrochemicals, containing large amounts of impurities, prone to odor, asphalt brittle in winter, easy to crack, easy to stick together with the ground in summer, difficult to clean up the replacement , More for low-end box carpet products.

  3, non-woven bottom

Non-woven bottom thick, soft Feet good sense, light weight, warm and better, but poor moisture, may lead to mildew, poor quality of the non-woven easy to delamination cracking.

  4, environmental protection at the end

Recyclable and recycling, soft Feet good quality, light weight, transport and easy installation. High prices.

  5, the composite bottom

The middle is environmentally friendly materials, the bottom is PVC moisture layer, light weight, easy transportation and installation, combined with PVC and nonwovens at the end of the two advantages. High prices.

Visual comparison.

Square carpet and can not be covered with shop printing carpet which show large patterns. The effect of the pursuit of the box is a sense of distance, near to see the details.