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  Wilton carpet is a mechanism of carpet, because the production process originated in the United Kingdom Wilton area named. Wilton carpet generally refers to the warp, weft, velvet yarn three yarn intertwined, after the glue, shearing and other finishing processes after finishing made.



  According to the location of blanket wool, Wilton carpet can be divided into:

  (1) single-sided Wilton carpet: the appearance of good, blanket-shaped stability, no hair removal phenomenon, because of its production of raw materials special, flame retardant, antistatic properties are very good. Very suitable for fire-retardant performance requirements of the aircraft used in high, and the carpet is ideal for high-end yachts, passenger ships and high-end hotel use.

  (2) double-layer Wilton carpet: the aircraft is originated in Belgium. Features: Fabric fullness, compact structure, square meters of cashmere yarn grams of this loom is a double-woven fabric so the production efficiency is relatively fast.

The direction of the use of Wilton carpet, mainly hotel rooms with blankets, because the carpet fabric fullness, flexibility, comfort of the room laying foot, is the major hotel room carpet ideal.

  Applicable places

  Wilton carpet with velvet carpet surface effect, color harmony, warm and elegant. Has a good pile fastness, appearance retention, a clear pattern of decorative ability. Generally suitable for the production of household rugs and hotels, apartments of the room blanket.